January 7, 2016


Maternity portraits in Central Park


Fall -  Maternity Central Park Photography




Central_Park_maternity_PhotosWhy do your Maternity photos in Central Park

Going to Central Park to have maternity photos done is always a great idea, Central Park provides some of the most iconic locations in Manhattan and at the same time allows for some more natural backdrops for any occasion, especially couples and maternity portraits.

These days we do almost all of out maternity photos outdoors for a more natural and photojournalistic feel. We will walk around for about 1.5 hours, and take breaks as needed.
We’ll plan our session around the sunset if possible so that we have that special lighting to work with.

When to do your maternity photography

Plan to do your maternity photos around 7.5 months when your belly is big enough to show but you’re not too close to your due date where you might be uncomfortable

There’s literally no bad season for photography in Central Park, with each season offering something a little different…


Central Park Maternity Photography

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